HTML 5: The New Standard for Website Development

May 01, 2008

The release of HTML 5 has been a huge development in the world of website creation. The newest version of HTML allows significant improvements over the older counterparts that can expand the horizons of website development around the world. We have compiled some of the best features included in HTML 5 that set it apart from all previous versions.

Audio and Video Embedding

Yes! You can now easily embed audio and video files into your website through the system offered by HTML5. Use the dedicated markup tags for this purpose, and you are all set to play the audio or video on your website.

Vector Graphics

Vector graphics allow scalability. Using the vector graphics embed feature offered by HTML5 can help you create a beautiful website that is high-definition and can adjust according to the screen size.

HTML5 Code

Header and Footer

Website header and footer are crucial. They allow you to insert different codes that can apply to the entire website. For example, you may have to add a header code for an advertising platform to connect your website. Additionally, adding a logo to every or navigation menu is also possible through these sections. The header and footer can be easily added to the page using the new markup tags included in HTML 5. You can also use the footer to add your firm’s copyright information, authorship information, and contact information.

Navigation Tags

The navigation tab has been added to HTML 5, allowing you to create an internal site linking system easily. Different approaches can be used to create the right system according to your needs. Each element of the navigation menu can be connected to someplace inside the website through a simple line of tags.

Progress Tag

You can check the progress of any task when it is being executed using the progress tag. For example, if you offer downloads on your website, add a progress tag to show the download’s progress and how much is left.

Placeholder Attribute

This attribute will allow you to define the expected value of a text area or input field. This way, the user can know what to enter exactly in different sections without adding a separate heading on their top.

HTML5 Code


You can store HTML5 applications using the cache, web storage systems, and web SQL database, which is much better storage than the previous HTML browser-based temporary storage system.

Ease of Usage

HTML 5 is much easier to use due to the new tags and allows for a better definition of different components of your website.

Try HTML5 today to create your website. If you are unsure where to start, give us a call. Our team will help you as much as possible to get on the right track for your website development. We also offer professional website development services. Contact us today to get your website ready in no time!

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