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We have selected only a few out of 900 equally unique projects. References from our happy customers support all projects!

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“Working with Above Bits has enhanced our revenues, improved our projection, and made us the undisputed leaders in our niche online.”

Working with Above Bits will be an excellent experience for anyone who wants to embrace the digital world. Working on your projects is synonymous with working on our investments. Therefore, our web development experts in Charlotte put their heart and soul into providing the best services. Over the years, we have worked on numerous projects for clients that have reached global success. What sets us apart is that these projects have yet to be a one-time endeavor. Instead, our clients have established long-term relationships with us for regular work, updates, and tasks. With Above Bits, you become a part of our digital family!


image with a young smiling lady wearing glasses in a blue shirt

mishpacha project image


A weekly flagship magazine that delivers timely analysis of world events, robust profiles, and entertaining journeys through the broad spectrum of contemporary Jewish experience. We assisted with the complete site redesign and data integration from the previous design.

fingercheck project image


Bringing together all your human-resource-related documents and centralizing your employee management within one secure cloud-based portal. Stop chasing paper (and people) and easily manage your workforce of any size, network or geography.

naturemart project image


Naturemart, the leading online supermarket in Australia, provides a wide range of premium health supplements and foods for purchase online. They offer a convenient and stress-free shopping experience. Since teaming up with Above Bits LLC, they have consistently implemented updates to improve the overall customer experience.

the nutrition store project image

The Nutrition Store

This nutritional store is here for you with all the essential nutrients to add to your daily life routine. Perfectly sorted supplements alphabetically, it allows you to navigate with many conveniences. So the user-friendly layout of this website makes it super-easy to search and find the related products!

red moringa project image


This health and wellness company sells 100% organic moringa. RedMoringa is certified by Inoq, the Italian control body, which guarantees that the entire supply chain complies with European standards. We have supported this vibrant, extremely true-to-nature website for years.

mcm-ct project image

MCM Creative Technology

Committed to fostering innovation and prioritizing distinctive technologies for various markets, their objective is to connect users with concepts and technology that go beyond the conventional consortium approach, aiming to break new ground.

cosmeticsnow project image


CosmeticsNow is committed to delivering top-quality designer brand cosmetics through efficient supply and distribution channels. They provide their products at the most affordable prices, reflecting their dedication to excellence. Countless years of hard work have been invested in ensuring a seamless browsing experience for users, free from any unnecessary complications.

the suite depot project image

The Suit Depot

Recognized as the trusted, go-to resource for outstanding customer service and unsurpassed expertise, the Suits Depot provides a user friendly e-commerce experience. Partnering with Above Bits brought The Suit Depot ideas to life and online!

body relief depot project image

Body Relief Depot

Working directly with patients and consumers, Body Relief Depot provides professional-grade product & equipment solutions at a great price. They also work with Universities to support our country’s healthcare professionals on the rise, providing discounts on student kits.

superior medical equipment project image

Superior Medical Equipment

Since 1992, SME, Inc. USA has taken great pride in its industry-wide reputation as the nation’s premier source for everything therapy. SME goes above and beyond to ensure that you have the best experience paired with unbeatable pricing.

bufkes project image


With passion and drive, Bufkes has been preparing the tastiest sandwiches for more than 25 years. Above Bits has supported Bufkes making it easy for the users to navigate through the assorted menu categories.

ink browser project image

Ink Browser

This exciting app that allows the user to draw on top of any website. Our iOS application allows teachers and students to interact more effectively.

clayre project image


This aesthetically beautiful yet simple website is all about quality items for daily-use and home decor. You can shop from a range of products at the best prices. We have collaborated with this Clayre for years, ensuring premium support.

clean up carwash project image

Clean Up Carwash

Here is our other project for a car washing website. Here you can schedule car washing as per your wish. It’s pretty easy! Our expert team has always supported them in maintaining their online presence with their impeccable services.

eat schwartz project image


Established in 1954, Schwartz Bakery is the premier kosher bakery in the Greater Los Angeles area. Thriving as an organization that puts a tremendous emphasis on quality control, product design, and customer service, Schwartz continues to adapt to the current times. For over a decade, Above Bits and Schwartz Bakery have partnered together to develop a streamlined e-commerce platform.

neuman commercial group project image

Neuman Commercial Group

A real estate investment brokerage, Neuman Commercial Group specializes in selling middle-market anchored, unanchored and urban retail. NCG and Above Bits collaborated to create and design the current professional website.

power of speech project image

Power Of Speech

Hosting powerful speeches on Shmiras Haloshon and their online catalog, this website puts the incredible Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation on display in a subtle, tasteful way.

taunus redesign project image

Taunus Redesign

Let the professionals take care of all the accidental reports and get peace of mind. Now, you don’t need to worry about handling paperwork including accidental formalities, or other stuff, they can help you from start to the end.

ceres turf project image

Ceres Turf Inc

A leading aftermarket tractor parts dealer, their website’s powerful performance provides quick page loading and checkout times to drive their e-commerce success.

charm flats project image

Charm Flats

This sleek rental booking site allows users to reserve a space to stay in beautiful Lisbon, Portugal and showcases our keen eye for design.

piccoli viruosi project image

Piccoli Virtuosi

We built a beautiful website for this Swiss boarding school that helps passionate musicians learn a range of music genres from professionals.

chai project image

The Chai Charitable Foundation

This non-profit charity organization financially has assisted low-income families and individuals for years. With our assistance over the years, they have been able to improve thousands of Australians’ lives.

zymbl farma project image

Zymbl Pharma

For years we have supported the web design of Zymbl PHARMA, which has developed the best Rakau Rongoa infused product on the market.

torahlive project image

TorahLive iOS app

Our advanced application is developed for their large community and allows their students to learn Torah through video lessons, discussions and group classes.

flexpoolzuidoost project image


The best collegiate hiring and lending company for the technical installation industry. Above Bits has supported this agency for years.

mailboxes project image


Get in touch with Mailboxes for commercial mailbox installation. You get USPS-approved installations by experienced and qualified dealers.

preschool project image


This is a preschool activities portal where you can find a range of activities for growing children. This website contains engaging and interactive lessons for children, based on different age groups.

eleven writing project image

Eleven Writing

If you are looking for UK-based writing services for a particular subject, then this is the writing agency for you! We routinely collaborate with them and provide total support for their domain.

fastbrain project image

Fastbrain Engineering

Dealing in consumer computers and electronics, they offer world-class solutions for enterprises. Our design for this platform makes it easy for you to find many of their great products.

total potential project image

Total Potential

Start your true workout regime with professional trainers ready to take you on another journey. Gone are the days when you have to look for reliable professionals. Now consultation from health & fitness experts is one-click away, thanks to the clean design we have provided for their site.

koshko project image

Koshco Wholesale

This all-in-one wholesale marketplace provides you the convenience of having all the daily-life items in one place. Our team has created this site from scratch and still supports it to this day. This platform has something for everyone.