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Web Development in Charlotte, NC

We are proud to help growing businesses if all sizes, never giving up!

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Website Design Companies in Nc
Website Design Companies in Nc

A bit is the smallest unit of measurement used to quantify computer data. At Above Bits LLC, we ensure that all of your website’s needs are met – down to the last bit

Unlike other web development companies in Charlotte, Above Bits LLC focuses on transforming your businesses into a digital powerhouse through our exceptional design and development services. Our team of web development experts in Charlotte understands that the internet is a huge medium for reaching new customers, gaining business exposure, and setting out on a journey to success. However, without a proper website to represent your services and generate consumer interest, there isn’t much that a business can do in the online spectrum. Therefore, our focus is to offer high-end website design and development services customized per the client’s requirements. Reaching out to Above Bits LLC as your website designer in Charlotte NC will be the best step to ensure maximum digital success. We develop fast, individualized, and intelligent online systems that offer dynamic services to clients from all industries and walks of life.

Website Design Companies in Nc

Your Business – Our Solutions

 Dedicated to excellence, we develop the technology and style you need for your unique project, within your budget. We’re proud to have worked with many independent entrepreneurs all the way up to well-known organizations such as the State of Maryland, Frito Lay, NBC, Rutgers University, Animal Planet and Costco. Our e-commerce platforms process multi-millions in sales every month, and our designs have appeared on national advertising campaigns, well-known product packaging, and even billboards in Times Square!

Web Development Companies In North Carolina

Why Above Bits LLC – A Best Web Design Company in North Carolina

Since 2006, we have collaborated with hundreds of businesses, nonprofits and government agencies to create websites, develop and enhance their online presence. Located in Charlotte, North Carolina our team boasts subject matter experts in the most cutting edge technologies in web design and our operations team can guide you to the custom solutions that best suit your needs.

Before selecting the right firm for your next digital development project, consider the following aspects of our services that set us apart as the best web designers in Charlotte, NC:

  1. Faster delivery
  2. Minimal and market competitive prices
  3. A complete range of web development and related services
  4. Decades of experience
  5. Trained and skilled professionals who can deal with many different platforms
  6. A positive reputation for reliability, transparency, and service quality
  7. Clean coding ensures easy customization
  8. Regular updates to keep your platform in line with modern standards
Web Development Companies In North Carolina

We Strive to Improve

In the dynamic landscape of app development, resting on past laurels isn’t our style. Instead, we’re propelled by an innate drive to continuously better ourselves, innovate, and refine our craft. While accolades and awards undoubtedly serve as a testament to our expertise and dedication, they are more than just shiny emblems of recognition for us. Each award we receive is a reflection of our commitment, passion, and the countless hours we invest in ensuring our clients get the best possible solutions.

Our team views these acknowledgments not just as milestones but as motivation. They reinforce our belief that our approach is on the right track, but they also remind us that there’s always room for enhancement. Every project we undertake is an opportunity to set a higher benchmark for ourselves, to challenge our limits, and to push the envelope of what’s possible.

Client Focused

Above Bits LLC is available 7 days a week at our Charlotte, NC headquarters and responds promptly to any and all requests. Additionally, you will be updated routinely as each project milestone is achieved. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring your complete satisfaction with the final product.


With the ever-changing online landscape our development team is constantly honing their craft, obtaining certifications in the latest technologies such as Magento, Shopify and WordPress. This dedication to staying ahead of the curve allows us to provide cutting-edge solutions for our clients and stay ahead of the competition.

Results Driven

As a website company that puts analytics and performance at the forefront of our operations, you can be assured that your e-commerce platform will provide the best experience for your users and the growth you seek! With our data-driven approach, we can make informed decisions that lead to the optimal performance of your website and meet your specific business needs.

Best Website Design and Development
Agency in Charlotte

Above Bits LLC is a distinguished and reputable firm in the realm of web development, boasting a powerhouse team that consists of over 40 dedicated specialists. These experts hail from diverse domains, each bringing a unique set of skills and competencies to the table, thereby ensuring a holistic approach to every project undertaken.

Over the span of an impressive 17 years, the team at Above Bits LLC has diligently honed their craft. They have been at the forefront of addressing an array of IT challenges faced by our valued partners. The rich tapestry of experiences has allowed them to immerse themselves deeply in various projects, giving them firsthand insights and unparalleled expertise.

One of the primary concerns many organizations face is the productivity of their workforce. Above Bits LLC has consistently demonstrated their proficiency in leveraging technological solutions to optimize employee performance, ensuring that teams are equipped with the right tools and platforms to achieve their maximum potential.

Together they all encompass a specialized team with the diverse skills required to create websites and effective solutions for today’s complex business.


We are creating high-end websites, software applications, and other digital products for customers from various niches and industries as the best Charlotte NC design agency.


It is setting a Charlotte web design company that can offer all types of website design, development, and related services to customers from across the globe.

Core Values

  • Partnership Success
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Consistent Communication
  • Integrity
  • Innovation