Welcome To the World of Shopify

September 20, 2018

Embracing new horizons is essential for any growing firm to expand its services and value to the customers. Above Bits LLC believed in the same phenomena and decided to start offering Shopify development services to our website development clients earlier this year, 2018. Here, we shall outline our expertise and compare Shopify to the other platforms we already offer services in, including:

How has Above Bits LLC Transitioned into Shopify Development?

Above Bits LLC started working on our Shopify development team earlier this year, providing them with in-depth knowledge and understanding of how the Shopify platform works. After many prototype projects built to check work quality, we formally launched our services two months ago, in September 2018. Since then, luck has been on our side. Fueled by our hard work and determination, many projects we built for multinational firms and top-tier clients have been a massive success. The same work routine has also offered us some considerable insights about the strengths and weaknesses of the Shopify platform and how it compares to the other platforms we work on.


What’s So Great About Shopify?

This year has been a major Shopify revolution, with numerous new features added to the platform, including:

Online Payment

How Shopify Compares with Other Platforms?

There are strengths and weaknesses that Shopify has over Magento and WordPress and vice versa:


Let’s See What Comes Next

With our expansion into the Shopify market, we are determined to step into other ventures as well. Let us hope that all works well here. If you need Shopify development services, contact us now!

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