BigCommerce Development: The Benefits of Big Commerce Services

October 17, 2021

Selecting the right framework for your eCommerce development is crucial to the success of your business. One such cloud-based platform is BigCommerce. Currently, BigCommerce’s popularity is fueled by its affordable pricing and enticing features. This hosted eCommerce platform allows you to create a store in over 150 countries. Here is the article will discuss BigCommerce Development in detail, including:

  • BigCommerce Features
  • BigCommerce Pricing
  • How Can BigCommerce Development Services Help You?
Is a BigCommerce Good Choice For Ecommerce development?
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The World is Connected Through BigCommerce

BigCommerce Features

BigCommerce offers a range of extensive features, including:

  • Deigns Freedom: Your creativity can come to life with the boundless store designing services offered on the platform.
  • Easy to Operate: Let BigCommerce deal with operational complexities at the backend while you enjoy an easy-to-use management interface.
  • Safe and Secure: BigCommerce invests in its security to ensure that your store is safe from digital threats like hacking and malware.
  • Usable Everywhere: You can log in to your BigCommerce store anywhere and make any changes to your store as necessary.
  • Third-Party Applications: The API system of BigCommerce is extensive, allowing you to use a range of third-party applications per your liking.
  • Borderless: You can sell to customers anywhere around the world.
  • Lead Conversion: The tools offered by BigCommerce are extensive enough to convert most leads successfully.
  • Powerful Analytics: Your dashboard provides easy-to-understand and extensive reports about your sales, profits, and expenses. It provides considerable insights into your store without having to perform numerous mathematics calculations manually.
  • Google Cloud: Using Google Cloud ensures the best speed optimization and server response time.
  • Minimal Operational Costs: BigCommerce charges you lower than most cloud-based store management platforms for the operations on the website. Save more money and make greater profits by using BigCommerce.

BigCommerce Pricing

Currently, there are four different plans offered at BigCommerce that a user can select based on their requirements:

  • The BigCommerce Standard plan offering basic features is priced at 29.95 USD per month.
  • The BigCommerce Plus plan offering extended features costs 79.95 USD per month.
  • The BigCommerce Pro plan offering some of the most extensive features for corporations is 299.95 USD per month.
  • BigCommerce Enterprise plan has custom pricing, which is offered based on the requirements of the individual business.

Annual payment of the Plus and Pro plan offers you a 10 percent discount on the price. Also, a 15-day free trial is available to check if BigCommerce suits your requirements.

How Can BigCommerce Development Services Help You?

There are numerous ways in which hiring professional BigCommerce Development services can be a huge help:

  • BigCommerce already provides 12 free templates. However, professional services can help you convert those templates into something unique for your website.
  • BigCommerce offers you the ability to sell any number of digital and physical goods with complete control over the shipping rates and categories. Hiring professional BigCommerce development services ensures that the right initial combination of these features is used to guarantee you a sale.
  • You can use a drag and drop builder offered by BigCommerce. BigCommerce development services offer professional development using the builder, using it in the most effective way possible.
  • The payment gateways like PayPal are already integrated. With BigCommerce Development services, you can have your accounts set up in no time.
  • A blogging function is available, which allows for Search Engine Optimization. Therefore, BigCommerce development firms can offer unique content that can allow better ranking of your website,
  • Images are automatically optimized, and BigCommerce development services can use custom coding to add certain features or styles to your store.
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BigCommerce development for your online store can help you to start selling online in no time. Contact us today and let us work out the perfect BigCommerce strategy for you. Let us know in the comments section if the article was helpful.

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