Best WordPress Plugin for an LMS system

March 11, 2020

Online LMS has become the new norm for education and training since the start of Covid-19. Many firms, schools, and educational institutions are developing such platforms to remain competitive. However, for WordPress developers, creating LMS is easier with several dedicated LMS WordPress plugins available for instant installation. Here, we will summarize some of the best WordPress LMS plugins.

Member Press Courses

Member Press Courses

Member Press Curses is excellent for a website that offers course memberships, allowing the user to access multiple courses for varied lengths under the same membership offer. This plugin allows you to create separate course curriculums, with different options such as completion rates, students enrolled, and the types of lessons contained in each course. The best part is that it has a special drag and drop builder, making it easy to develop the courses and their contents. Every instructor can develop their courses as well. Similarly, different courses can be added to multiple memberships as well for access.

Learn Dash

Learn Dash is extremely powerful given how it offers many different course options within that WordPress plugin itself. You can create lessons, quizzes, categories, and topics with a few clicks. Additionally, the teacher may also provide assignments to the student to solve through the system. Another excellent feature of this system is the prerequisite courses. Each student must take a certain course before another; the higher level course can be taken. Such systems allow Learn Dash to help create a powerful online education institution.

Another benefit of the plugin is that it allows many payment system integrations. Your users can pay by PayPal or Stripe, which means that most credit and debit cards can work on the system as well. You may also create dynamic forums for questions and answers, creating a lively learning community.

Lifter LMS

LifterLMS VS LearnDash

Lifter LMS allows you to create multi-tier courses suitable for large-scale organizations where different courses have to be taken at different levels. Here, you can create a smaller demo course for the full-fledged course to appeal to the audience before purchasing the course. Another added feature is content dripping. Here, the content comes at specific intervals or after a certain trigger occurs. The content engagement is optimal, and your user can feel interested in the course throughout the teaching period.

Another benefit is that you can sell course bundles at discounted prices as well. This way, more earning can be generated on the same system.


Teachable helps you create a complete subdomain for your domain name and make it dedicated to the online schooling option. Additionally, it provides powerful integration of analytical systems as well. Therefore, you can monitor student performance and provide them feedback where necessary. Additionally, you can also provide different payment plans to your customers.

However, you may have specific requirements for your LMS that are not catered by any LMS plugin already available. In such a case, contact Above Bits. We can develop a custom system for you completely from scratch, ensuring that your requirements are met perfectly.

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