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WordPress Development Charlotte has never been easier! Our team of experts is always there to help you out. Let us know your requirements as soon as possible.

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Website Development Services

A formal online presence is mandatory for any business or firm to survive in today’s competitive world; if you want a fast, easy-to-manage, and highly customizable site, our WordPress website development services suit you best! With several years of experience in the field, we have the right skill set and technologies to ensure you get the most resourceful website. Check out the complete details of our WordPress website development services below, and let us know if you are interested!


Why Choose Our WordPress Development Services in Charlotte?

Despite being a regional technology hub, Charlotte lacks competent firms that can provide comprehensive WordPress development services. Part of the issue is the lack of experience developers have in this field. However, your WordPress project is in safe hands with the above Bits! Our core competencies in the field include:

  1. Over a decade of experience creating high-end, professional, and sophisticated WordPress websites, projects, and other platforms.
  2. Our team can also help create different WordPress subsidiaries: plugins, themes, and designs are all our forte.
  3. Requirement-specific projects can be created as well. For example, we have previously created sophisticated projects like LMS systems.
  4. We can help reduce your WordPress expense as well! Our team can provide maintenance and hosting services, allowing you to benefit from your WordPress website the most.

What Types of
WordPress Websites Can We Create?

WordPress's biggest benefit is diversity – and we capitalize on this benefit as much as possible. For us, creating all types of WordPress sites is possible based on the client’s requirements. Some of the most common sites include:

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Share your thoughts with the world and write detailed blogs. Use AdSense to earn regular income while using the easy back-end system to maintain the site.

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New Sites

Today, many professional news websites worldwide are powered by WordPress. We have the perfect WordPress theme to build your site.

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WordPress remains one of the most revered and preferred E-commerce development platforms. The WordPress sites we create are unmatchable.

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Commercial Websites

Represent your firm online by contacting Above Bits. Get a fast, responsive, and easy-to-maintain website in no time.

Additionally, all other types of websites, plugins, and themes can be developed by our team based on your requirements.


Check out some of the recent, high-end projects we have created for different clients using the WordPress development system. Love the work? Contact us today to get your project completed in no time!



CosmeticsNow is committed to achieving the highest standards in the effective provision and delivery of authentic, high-quality designer brand cosmetics. They offer their products at the most affordable prices, and they have dedicated numerous years to facilitate a seamless and trouble-free browsing experience for their users.

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Naturemart, the leading online supermarket in Australia, provides a wide range of premium health supplements and food products available for purchase online. They prioritize convenience and aim to provide a hassle-free shopping experience to their customers. Through their partnership with Above Bits LLC, Naturemart consistently introduces updates to improve and elevate the overall customer experience.

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MCM Creative Technology

Committed to innovation and driven by distinctive technologies for various markets, their objective is to connect users with concepts and technologies that go beyond the conventional consortium approach, instead challenging the traditional norms. Their aim is to break the mold and offer novel solutions to users.

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Andrew Connor

Co-owner of Started Once

Honestly, I have always been wary of using WordPress for my websites because of all the buzz around the lack of customization. However, with Above Bits, such an issue never occurred. They considered all the requirements and then created a detailed custom theme that could offer the maximum benefit. The theme has worked perfectly, and my websites rank well on Google. Truly, Above Bits is the best WordPress development agency in North Carolina, and I won’t be surprised if it ranks among the top in the nation.

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Nina Charlie

CEO at Fund The Truth

Above Bis is the best! I got a special plugin developed that can help display an interactive menu on my WordPress Site. The plugin is working exactly per my requirement. Additionally, it has been updated twice to add new features as well. Above Bits is my go-to firm for any WordPress plugin development needs.

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Noah Johnston

COO at Little World

Above Bits developed our website from scratch - they created all the wireframes, designs and initial content. Their team also started a good SEO work on our website and after Google indexed everything - we got a surprising result! Would definitely recommend the team to my business network!

Different Types of
WordPress Development Services

Check out some of the most common WordPress Development Services we offer. If you require any such service, we are just a call away! Let us know your requirements today.

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Theme Development

Sometimes, finding the right theme to establish the website you require is close to impossible. Every theme has a few flaws and differences that may not meet your requirements. To solve this issue, Above Bits offers high-end theme development from scratch. All themes we create are attractive, responsive, and function-rich!

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Plugin Development

Looking to add new functionality to an already developed WordPress website? Try getting a custom plugin developed by our team today. Our decade-long experience in plugin development allows us to offer the exact features you require in the custom-built plugin. Also, each plugin is tested to verify that it works perfectly with the theme you are using.

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Complete WordPress Development

Get a complete website developed in no time through Above Bits using the WordPress platform. Discuss all your requirements and let our team decide the best way to meet the requirements perfectly. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to establish your formal online presence today!

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