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A complete Review of Yoast Vs. Rank Math: Which one is better

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Comparison of SEO plugins Yoast vs Rank Math

If you’re a webmaster or digital marketer looking for an SEO plugin for your WordPress website, you’ve likely heard of Yoast and Rank Math. Both of these plugins offer a wide range of features and the ability to optimize your website for search engine rankings.

So which one should you choose?

For starters, both plugins offer an easy-to-use interface that makes them accessible to all users; from those who have little experience with SEO tools to advanced webmasters. Additionally, they support multiple types of content such as pages, posts, and custom post types and there are many other similarities.

Many people are willing to find out the best plugin they should use to boost the SEO of their website. One option that people have used for a long-time is Yoast. However, Rank Math by My Theme Shop has recently become famous for its exceptional quality SEO ranking services. Many websites using Rank Math are seeing a considerable boost in their Google rankings over time. Therefore, Above Bits conducted a few experiments to let you know which one is better.

The Similarities Between Yoast and Rank Math

When it comes to features, Yoast and Rank Math have a lot in common. Both plugins offer a wide range of settings to help you customize your website’s SEO. Here are all the basics you can expect from these plugins for free.

  • Integration is available for Google Analytics, offering a huge advantage in synchronizing the SEO of the website.
  • They both offer a range of features for optimizing content for SEO, such as keyword research, internal linking, and content analysis.
  • Both plugins can be used to generate sitemaps, control indexing, and analyze the performance of the website’s SEO efforts.
  • Both allow you to customize the search engine snippet preview.
  • Both plugins offer automated analysis of your content to help identify any potential issues or errors and make sure your content follows all the best practices for SEO.

However, not everything is similar when it comes to these two plugins. While both have many similarities such as helping you optimize your content for search engines, there are also some key differences between them.

Yoast vs. Rank Math – The Differences

Although there are many similar features, Yoast and Rank Math differ in various ways, and this includes.

Lines of Code

Rank Math offers a simpler solution with fewer lines of code which can help reduce the number of requests made when loading a webpage. Yoast, on the other hand, has more lines of code, resulting in more requests when loading a page. A lot of code can sometimes slow down the loading time of a webpage, leading to a bad user experience.

Code comparison between Yoast and. Rank Math


Yoast allows you to analyze only one keyword when you are using the free version of the plugin. It can also provide you with a list of the suggested keywords you may use related to the keyword you entered.

However, Rank Math goes one step ahead by offering in-depth analysis of the keywords even in its free version. You can check the different options of other keywords related to your one as well on Rank Math.

Yoast For SEO


In terms of usability, both plugins are fairly easy to use. They come with an intuitive interface that allows users to easily adjust settings such as meta tags and titles. You don’t need much technical knowledge to configure them, making it easy for website owners to quickly implement changes without having to understand complex codes or algorithms. Additionally, both plugins provide helpful tutorials that guide users through the process step-by-step and answer any questions they might have along the way.


Yoast offers a premium package that is for a single site’s use only. However, you get a 5 percent discount on the new website’s price for each additional site. However, you need to pay every year for the Yoast premium version. On the other hand, Rank Math Business will cost you $429. However, it offers considerable benefits. You get to analyze 10,000 keywords in this package. Additionally, you can use Rank Math for unlimited websites as well. You receive priority support on the website as well.

However, it offers considerable benefits. You get to analyze 10,000 keywords in this package. Additionally, you can use Rank Math for unlimited websites as well. You receive priority support on the website as well.

Rank Math Pro

Free Features

Rank Math free version topics the list of free features, whereas many of those features are not provided in Yoast free version. Let us summarize the list of free features on both plugins:

  • The option to integrate Google Analytics is provided, which presents a significant benefit by aligning the website’s SEO efforts.
  • You can analyze multiple keywords for free.
  • The Local SEO is possible with Rank Math. You may even perform the image SEO as well.
  • You may manage the 404 Error message to suit the template you believe is the best for your website.
  • You receive recommendations for internal links even when creating the content. The smart system of Rank Math can make internal content building a lot easier.
  • The external link counters are also provided to know if you have used the optimal amount.
  • You get a free redirect manager for your website’s content as well.

Most of these features are not offered on Yoast.

Which One Is Better?

It comes down to personal preference, as both have given considerable results over time. Some people still prefer Yoast because of the knowledge they have of its usage. Many new users, however, are shifting toward Rank Math. It can be said that Rank Math may win over the market soon if it keeps adding exceptional features for free.


Both Yoast and Rank Math are excellent SEO plugins. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, so the decision of which one to use depends can depend on the website’s specific needs and preferences. When it comes to ease of use, content analysis, schema markup, and other features like local SEO, Yoast is the clear winner. But if you’re looking for something with more powerful features than Yoast, then Rank Math is a great alternative.

We can help you rank your website using Rank Math. Contact us today for our services.