The Release of WordPress Plugin: Hebrew Virtual Keyboard Add-on for Gravity Forms

September 10, 2021

Website development on WordPress is subject to the availability of valuable plugins and addons to add different functionalities and options to your website. The WordPress plugin repository is ever-growing, with new plugins and addons coming into the market every day. Above Bits LLC also contributed to addon development by releasing the GF Hebrew Virtual Keyboard Addon for the Gravity form plugin earlier this year. Here, the article will focus on different aspects of this addon, including:

WordPress Plugin Development

What is The Addon About?

Different WordPress add-ons help to enhance the functionality of WordPress plugins. Gravity forms is a well-known and widely used form builder that helps create all sorts of useful forms on WordPress, including contact forms and signup forms.

Plugins help to add functionalities that are not natively present in WordPress. They make it possible to make almost any type of website with any feature using the WordPress platform. With the GF Hebrew Virtual Keyboard Addon, Above Bits LLC helped to scale the performance and usage of the Gravity forms plugin.

With this add-on, it is possible to use a virtual keyboard to input Hebrew text in the text area of the gravity forms. Additionally, it helps to ensure better SEO of the content type through the keyboard using HTML tags for the title text. To run the add-on, you need WordPress version 4.9 or higher with PHP 5+. Furthermore, the Gravity Forms plugin must be installed on the website as well. You can get this plugin free from the WordPress plugins repository.

GF Hebrew Virtual Keyboard Add-On

About Above Bits LLC’s WordPress Skills

Writing, distributing, publishing, and supporting WordPress plugins and addons are technical and skill-intensive tasks. All our WordPress development team members here at Above Bits LLC are exceptionally skilled and experienced. For us, writing the codes for any addon/ plugin is possible based on the client’s requirements.

Moreover, our experience in WordPress website development gives us deep insight into the best practices and coding standards to use for such plugins. Therefore, all codes written by our team are clean and can be edited by the end-user easily.

You may hire us for your website’s development work. Our team will ensure that the work is completed perfectly and generates satisfying results.

WordPress Easy Coding

Why did We choose to Make Such a Keyboard Addon?

Our organization has a strong diversity culture that depends on the inclusiveness of all communities and minorities worldwide. The same organizational practice translates into our work etiquette as well. The products we create are focused on improving the world by increasing the positive projection of indigenous communities in the virtual world. Using their culture and language, useful products that can make positive differences for everyone can be developed for general use.

Web tools are not limited to the majority’s perspective only. Instead, incorporating minor cultures can make a massive difference in this field.

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