The Rise of WordPress: Reasons to Use For your Website in 2010

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July 01, 2010  |

How good is WordPress for your website

Over the past few years, WordPress has made a market for itself as one of the rising CMS platforms, given its open-source nature and the constant improvements in its features. However, there are many WordPress alternatives present, such as Joomla and direct coding, to develop your website. Above Bits LLC highly suggests users shift to this platform, as WordPress seems to be the future of website development. The article will focus on the top reasons to select WordPress as your CMS platform of choice in 2010.

Free and Open Source

Although many platforms claim to be free, there are inherent costs involved in their usage. On the other hand, WordPress offers an entirely open-source and free CMS for you to create your website. There are no mandatory costs. Additionally, you can edit the code in any way you want. Therefore, you get total customization with a WordPress website that most other alternatives do not offer.

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Developing A WordPress Website

Automatic at the Back of WordPress

Automatic is the owner of WordPress and has made a name for itself for its high coding standards. With such genuine people managing the WordPress platform, it is safe to assume that it will become a global CMS one day.

Plugins For Added Functionality

There is truly no end to the possibilities of what you can do with WordPress. There are many ready-made, easy-to-install plugins available that allow you to add different functional options to your website. Additionally, you can get your custom plugin coded for any specific functions that you may require.

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WordPress Development

Visual Editor

One thing where WordPress excels over Drupal and Joomla is the visual editor it offers for writing posts and page content. You can easily copy any text that you have written in a Microsoft Word file to your blog. Creating custom post types and adding galleries of images can also be done with a few clicks in WordPress. The system is very user-friendly, allowing even newbies to create viable websites.

Blogs Can Be Added Easily

Remember, adding a blog to most other CMS is close to a nightmare: coding requirements and difficulty in writing your posts can derail the blogging experience. WordPress comes with a ready-to-use blog for any website. Easily add content to your posts and make them public through WordPress.


You can design any style and layout for your website with numerous ready-to-use themes on WordPress. 2010 has seen a massive boom in the theme collection, with many new themes entering the market every month. More importantly, specific themes are becoming available for niche users as well.

The World of WordPress


You can install many different plugins to secure different aspects of your WordPress website. Additionally, the platform is inherently safe as well, applying the best standards for all coding practices.


SEO is one thing where most developers may face a serious challenge. However, the clean code and classic layout of WordPress seem to be Google’s favorite. You can easily get your site ranked with unique content on WordPress.

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