How WordPress is Better than Other CMS Platforms 2019

November 29, 2019

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS platforms today. Its popularity has increased considerably over the past five years due to the constant new updates and additional features added to the platform. However, the crucial question remains: is WordPress better than other content management platforms? Let us answer this question based on six essential qualities of WordPress that make it highly popular and suitable for website development.

Simple Content Management System

Remember, the content marketing of your website is the deciding factor in its success. However, the content alone is not the only crucial part. Instead, WordPress offers a range of tools that can help you create beautiful posts, organize them, publish them, and display them on the website. Additionally, you can easily incorporate high-quality multimedia into your website using WordPress. This way, your website resonates more with your target market, increasing conversions manifold.

SEO Friendliness

A great website won’t make it far if it can not rank on search engines. As such, search engine optimization is highly crucial for any online platform. WordPress goes one step ahead of other content management platforms by having specialized plugins dedicated to SEO. Additionally, the clean coding and fast load speed of WordPress websites ensure that your website can rank higher than most competitors. This way, you can get a greater return on investment with WordPress


Design and Customize Any Way You Want

WordPress offers the highest design customization due to an extensive library of themes for the user to choose from. Even within the themes, you can use drag-and-drop builders to create the layout of your choice. Such layout customizations allow virtually any website to be built using WordPress. As such, developers can create awesome web pages with minimal effort using this content management platform.

In-built Blogging Ability

Remember, creating a blog is important for unique content on your website and organic traffic. However, many content management platforms do not offer inbuilt blogging services. WordPress suffices in this regard, offering optimum in-built blogging methods where you can create posts and publish them directly from the WordPress system. You can enhance this functionality further using many different plugins.

Social Media Posting

It is possible to share WordPress posts on social media directly and log into your WordPress website by integrating social media login facilities. This way, the site you create using WordPress offers the most excellent utility to the users, making them more likely to interact with the website and stay on it. Additionally, you can use plugins to add social media buttons to the website as well.

Social Media Platforms


WordPress offers high-end eCommerce functionalities using WooCommerce. You can add different payment methods and integrate a range of plugins to enhance the functionality of your online store as well. Consider developing your SEO-friendly store on WordPress to increase your sales and get the maximum return on your investment.

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