Important Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Website 2018

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June 29, 2018  |

Why To Use WordPress In 2018

If you are a web developer, you would already be aware of WordPress. A Content Management Platform (CMS) is rising in the ranks for website development of all types. However, many people struggle to decide to choose WordPress as their platform of choice for their website. As such, Above Bits LLC has compiled a list of the reasons why WordPress should be used for website creation in 2018:

  • Long Existence
  • Open Source and Fully Customizable.
  • SEO is Easy
  • Easy To Customize
  • Community Support
  • Hosting
  • Affordable

Long Existence

WordPress completed over 15 years in the market in 2018. There are more than 500 new websites that go online every day. With such vast usage, the platform has improved over the last decade and a half to become a secure platform for website creation of all types. Additionally, the large consumer base also ensures that bugs in the system are quickly detected, removed, or remedied. Therefore, the end developer always gets a high-end platform to work with using WordPress.

Open Source and Fully Customizable.

WordPress is completely open-source, which means that each developer can customize it any way they want. Additionally, such open-source development has led to patches of most security issues in the platform as well. Similarly, you can find over 31000 different WordPress plugins in the official repository, with many other third-party plugins. Similarly, the official theme forest store has over 2600 WordPress ready-to-use themes and is also available for developers.

SEO is Easy

WordPress is very SEO-friendly. It would be fair to state that it is attractive for Search Engines to rank a WordPress website given its clean coding and content visibility. If you write high-quality content on WordPress, you have a high chance that the content will get ranked properly.


Easy To Customize

No other content management platform was as easy to customize as WordPress in 2018. You can customize every aspect of your website with ease using the pre-set themes and layouts. Additionally, many different drag-and-drop builders are available for WordPress websites as well. They allow even novice developers to create beautiful websites easily.

Community Support

WordPress has an extensive community. People are ready to help others find solutions for many different problems. Additionally, many online blogs share a lot of information on various aspects of WordPress development. For example, you can find solicited guidance on WP Beginner as a starting point. This way, you are likely to find a solution to any hindrance on the website development path.


WordPress can be hosted on almost any server without a specific focus on different applications or server features that must be installed to work properly. However, there are specific cloud servers available that provide WordPress dedicated hosting as well. Therefore, people have a range of choices to make a successful WordPress website and host it likewise.


Most WordPress developers, like Above Bits LLC, offer affordable services that allow you to embrace your dream of creating a top-notch website easily.

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