Team Building at Above Bits LLC

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June 05, 2018  |

Team Building at Above Bits LLC

Building a strong connection between the team members is an essential step towards a solid and profitable organization. For Above Bits LLC, the strength of its team members is embedded in their closeness with each other. Therefore, we take out considerable time, when possible, to work on practical team-building activities. In June 2018, between the JCK Las Vegas and Infocomm events, our team members had two days free to ourselves.

Two Days of Inspire

Relaxing and spending time together helps bring people closer to each other. Therefore, the two days we had free were spent visiting iconic places and enjoying our time together.  Mostly, we spent our time on and around the Grand Canyon. However, the fun was also accompanied by work-related discussions between the team members.

First, the focus of our discussion was the work processes and the changing dynamics of the industry. Back in those days, we were pondering over the launch of our Shopify Development services section. Therefore, a considerable focus was on the management of the process and ensuring that it synchronizes perfectly with the company’s growth.

Similarly, being in a relaxing environment with no tension or stress helps to trigger innovative thinking. Our team spent considerable time discussing new strategies that can help in effective product and service marketing. Such strategies can, in turn, increase the growth potential of the company as well.

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Grand Canyon

Magento Certification

We have held solid ground in Magento development for many years. Our firm has been well-received in this market and has completed numerous projects. However, it is essential for any successful and growing team to review the successes and formulate a strategy for their future work. As such, a large part of these two days was focused on making our high-end Magento services more marketable to the clients.

We realized that despite having one of the best Magento development teams, the lack of a formal Magento certification could put off potential customers who are likely to be interested in our work otherwise. Customers feel more comfortable when they deal with certified agencies that can offer them certified services. Therefore, our prime focus for the next few months was to determine the proper Magento certifications for our development offers and our developers alike.

The two days helped us consider a new path for our Magento solutions. With the new and concrete strategy, we are hopeful that more clients will be interested and delighted with our services.

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Our Ninja-Architect Enjoying At The Grand Canyon

Why Are Such Team Activities Important?

Spending time together as a team helps to remove communication barriers and help everyone feel comfortable being part of the team. Additionally, it ensures that everyone can put forward their honest opinion about the deepest issues faced by the business. An informal environment can sometimes be the best option to discuss certain issues that are hard to discuss in the formal work environment.

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Grand Views Inspire to Grand