Can You Create a Social Media Platform on WordPress?

November 11, 2018

WordPress has gradually improved itself from being a primarily blogging CMS to one to create all types of websites. Given how flexible and open-source WordPress is, it is no surprise that many systems have been developed to ensure that you can easily convert your WordPress website into a successful social media platform. Let us share a few tips and tricks for you in this regard.

Start With Buddy Press

Buddy Press has been a great innovation for WordPress. It offers you the chance to convert your WordPress website into one where social interactions are possible. Here are some of its best benefits:

However, Buddy Press is not a standalone system. Instead, there are many related features offered with Buddy Press as well. For example, many themes have been developed to use the Buddy Press features to their fullest. Additionally, many plugins can enhance Buddy Press functionality as well.

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Other Methods of Enhancing Social Media Functionality on WordPress

Apart from Buddy Press, some specific plugins and themes are specifically created to ensure exceptional social media functionality on Buddy Press. You may use the Halo Social plugin, which allows you to create beautiful social profiles and give it the vivid feel of many contemporary social media platforms. Additionally, you have the option of using Pepso as well. Here, you can create separate pages dedicated to the user’s activities on the website. 

Another method is to use the WP Symposium Pro Social Network Plugin. This plugin allows you to develop specific email alerts for all the social activities on the platform. Similarly, you can create video and image attachments to your posts just like you posted on Facebook.

Themes for WordPress Social Media

One of the best themes you can use in Mingle. It offers tons of excellent social media features built into the theme. Similarly, another option can be Salutation. This theme has been developed to allow connectivity between users on the WordPress website. Additionally, it offers many interesting features to keep the users interested in returning to the website as well.

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You may use the W Office theme if you are creating a social network dedicated to office users. Such a theme will allow Wiki creation and even offer you an online file manager as well.

Klein and United Community are other options. These themes are designed to ensure that everyone on your WordPress website can feel part of a community that is interconnected and naturally interacts with others on the platform.

Similarly, you may even get themes like BuddyBoss that combine the power of social media and an LMS to create one of the most interesting online learning platforms ever created on WordPress. Everything is possible with WordPress

Let us know if you want one built: we can do it for you!

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