Top SEO tricks to Reach a Higher Rank on Google

November 02, 2021

Let’s face it: we all want tout websites to rank higher on Google, correct? However, most of us are unaware of the best methods to help improve our site rankings. There is not much cringe on the internet in this regard that most of our energies are wasted in doing the wrong things that have little to no benefits. Don’t worry! Above Bits has arrived at your rescue. We have summarized the main tricks in this article that are guaranteed to give better results.

Page Loading Speed

Search engines loathe a website that loads very slow. Why? A person using a search engine to come to your website that does not load fast enough would stop using the search engine for poor suggestions. Therefore, make sure you improve your website’s speed to get better search engine rankings. A major issue is negative interactions as well. If people are abandoning your website too quickly, that, too, will cost you in SEO. Think how you will feel by landing on a slow website? The same is how the search engine feels. Try GTMetrix out.

Content Quality

Gone are the days when content length and keywords were the only metrics for SEO success. Now, the main focus is on the quality of your content. If your website has meaningful content that can help the users, you can see yourself quickly rising SEO ranks. On the other hand, repetitive content is useless and will cause problems alone. Additionally, try writing content that is suitable for your niche. Writing general content that has no benefit or relation to your niche won’t be beneficial.

Image Optimization

Images are extremely important on your website. Their alternate tags can help improve your website’s search engine rankings. Try putting keywords in the alternate tags of the image that are the most suited to your website. Secondly, reduce the image size. A heavier image can reduce your page load times. In turn, it may frustrate the users to bounce off from the website, causing a serious hit to your search engine rankings.

Content Breaking

Subheadings are one of the most important aspects of SEO content. Try inserting keywords in the subheadings and make them suited to the section you will write about. This way, the search engine will consider your website well-structured and prefer its division.


The website content alone isn’t sufficient. You need to add weight to your website with unique SEO content. Such content can be about your services or other related topics. Additionally, you may write about different news of the industry as well. The target is to show search engines that a range of quality content is available on your website. That way, you are destined to get a better SEO ranking.


Your content must have links. Both inbound and outbound links are important. Inbound links are links within the website to other content. Outbound links are the links to other websites. It could be related to the sources used to write the content.

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