Why is SEO Changing with Time?

August 11, 2021

One thing that is changing with time is SEO. Everything from the methods and metrics has changed considerably over the past few years. Think of how SEO was done in 2010: today, the entire process is different to ensure that your website can reach any significant rank on search engines. However, have you ever wondered why SEO has changed with time? We did, too: here is what we found out!

Content Quality Preference

In the start, SEO was all about quantity. It focused on the longer content on websites, and such websites were ranked higher. How? Because the websites were able to use keywords repetitively. The simple systems of Google and other search engines read these keywords and considered them the best resource to be displayed. However, with time, the emphasis has been on content quality and usefulness to the reader. The search engine crawlers have become much more sophisticated. They know exactly how useful the content is and which parts are just repetitive. As such, the emphasis on the content itself has increased instead of on the length of the content.


Mobile Phones

Mobile phones and other handheld devices have become the norm for internet usage over the past few years. Previously, SEO was more focused on content for the desktop. However, with the rise in the usage of these devices, there has been a natural requirement for such devices to become the focus of search engines. That is the exact reason why your websites must be mobile-friendly today to ensure the best returns.

Local SEO

Previously, search engines weren’t advanced enough to target the search results for different areas. As such, the main focus was to rank the content everywhere generally. However, search engines have become smarter with time and can now show users targeted results for their areas. For example, you will see different results for a specific niche if you search it in Brisbane, compared to searching it in California. As a result, the methods of targeting local SEO have also revolutionized with time.

Ranking in local searches is more important for local businesses today than ever before.

Fake Links

Previously, link-building schemes were the norm where many fake links were built to rank the website. Now, top-end search engines like Google can easily determine such fake links are being used. Consequently, trapping such users is easier, and your website gets hit badly with penalties as a result. Consequently, the focus has been shifted towards organic link building and guest posts today.

Search Engine Updates

Different search engines have updated their systems over time. For example, Google regularly updates its system, which can considerably change the SEO requirements as well. Therefore, such updates can single-handedly change the scenario of the world of SEO.

Not sure what the current standards are? Don’t worry! Just ping us with your requirements, and we will develop a concrete SEO plan for your firm. This plan can help your website rank at the top easily. Don’t miss out on the opportunity; contact today.

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