JCK Las Vegas Above Bits Participation

June 03, 2018

As a rising web development company, nothing offers a better chance to market our services and network with potential clients than niche events and seminars. As such, the Above Bits team took part in the JCK Las Vegas 2018 to present its web development services to a range of potential clients and organizations. Here, the blog will detail everything related to this event:

A Typical Booth at JCK Las Vegas 2018

What was the JCK Las Vegas 2018?

JCK Las Vegas is an annual bling-fest where the veterans and leaders of the jewelry industry come together for seminars, discussions, and product marketing. However, the 2018 event, as unique as the inclusion of blockchain and lab-grown diamonds in the events’ projections, was a first-timer, expanding the industry’s horizons.

An enthralling concert of Calum Scott was arranged, along with a keynote speech by Signet’s new CEO. Similarly, the panel-made diamonds were displayed along with a complete blockchain session focusing on blockchain’s impact on the jewelry industry. Amongst all these giants, the presence of the Above Bits team was natural to present our services and expand our projection in the jewelry industry for digital products like website development.

The Venue – Mandalay Bay Hotel and Conventional Centre

Above Bits at JCK Las Vegas 2018

Three prime team members attended the event to represent our firm: Max, Artem, and Alex. The magnificent event was hosted at the luxurious and enchanting Mandalay Bay Hotel and Conventional Centre, one of the elite locations for hosted events in the venue-rich city of Las Vegas.

Our team rented an apartment near the venue to stay and prepare for the event the next day. During the three-day event, all our team members went from booth to booth to network with potential clients and marketed our services.

The focus on our offerings was based on our website development services. The jewelry industry is rich and requires high-end services to ensure that their website represents their brand’s quality, image, and aura.

Our Team At JCK Las Vegas 2018

Some Key Takeaways from the Event

For up-and-coming website development and other digital product-based firms, we have noticed the importance of such events. Marketing your products in these events provides the services project to some of the most resources people in the niche industry. There are significant chances of finalizing a deal and making a profit with proper communication and detailed discussions.

Additionally, such events help to expand personal horizons of thinking and learning. The event gave us an insight into what the jewelry industry wants. Their requirements, perceptions, and assumptions about the website development services became clear to us, allowing us to adapt our services in the future to meet these requirements.

Thus, by attending events like the JCK Las Vegas 2018, technology and software companies can get an insight into the requirements of their target industry and ensure that their services can appeal to industrial leaders.

Furthermore, deep insights can be taken based on what people in the industry think. For example, the inclusion of artificial diamonds and blockchain in the jewelry industry is an eye-opener.

Outline of the Event Plan – JCK Las Vegas 2018

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