Is Ad Revenue Dependent on SEO ranking?

October 11, 2020

Many people today earn by creating blog websites where they post regular content and place advertisements. These advertisements offer CPC and other related earning methods for the blogger. However, one crucial question that remains adamant is whether the earnings of a website from ad revenue are dependent on the website’s SEO? Well! Our team did a few experiments, and here are the results.


Yes! It matters.

It may be not easy to spot the relation between the two things straight away. Therefore, we have compiled each step to ensure you can understand the connection.

  1. You earn from advertisements based on the number of people who visit your website and interact with these ads. The interaction may be in the form of views or clicks. However, the real part is getting people on the website first.
  2. There are many ways people may locate your website. First, you may share the link on social media platforms, and your followers may view them. Secondly, you may have an advertisement on such platforms for more audience. However, the best aspect is where someone searches for something related to your blog on the internet and is naturally directed to it by the search engine. Wait – how will that happen?
  3. Well, that is where SEO comes in. Say a person searches about cooking techniques on Google. If your blog is about cooking techniques and indexed, it will be somewhere in the search results. Think about whether you, as that person searching the link, will even bother to look below the 3-4 search results? Well, many people won’t! Most people stay on the first page of Google and target the website they can find there. Therefore, if you are not ranked on the first page, the chances are that many potential visitors will never reach your website. So – what to do?
  4. The answer is simple – SEO. The more optimized your website is for search engines, the better it will rank. The better it ranks, the higher the organic traffic it will receive. 
Google Ads + SEO

Think of what will happen to your ad revenue with the higher traffic: it will increase considerably. Additionally, you won’t have to pay for the advertisement to direct people to come to your website. All these aspects ensure quality returns and the best output for the blogs you write on the website.

Is SEO costly?

It depends on your website’s current ranking and the competition in your niche. In highly competitive niches, even moving one place on the search engine rankings can cost you immensely. However, the amounts are tentative on the techniques of the person performing SEO for you as well.

Above Bits LLC has a skilled team of SEO experts. Our team members can help rank your website in the best way possible. You won’t face de-ranking even after the work is completed. Therefore, opt for our services today and enjoy boosting your ad revenue from increased natural traffic. Don’t miss the opportunity.

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