Ink Browser: A Revolutionary Tool

December 15, 2020

Above Bits LLC has always been at the forefront of valuable application development to provide an effective solution to users. One such application we developed for iOS is Ink Browser, available at You may also download its mobile application on Apple products. This revolutionary application is considerable assistance for online educational usage, note-taking, and course development. Here, the article will outline the features of Ink Browser in detail, including:

What is the iOS app Ink Browser?

Ink Browser allows you to load any website URL directly onto the application. Then, you can quickly draw and annotate the web page as you wish. As such, it allows better presentation and teaching through the content of these websites. Effectively, you have a whiteboard to use directly on the websites through Ink Browser.

Ink Browser Logo

How is Ink Browser Useful?

Many users prefer using Ink Browser for educational purposes and note-taking. All content can be saved and shared easily for a range of purposes. You may add live comments and record them through the browser’s inbuilt functionality, along with screencast capabilities. As such, teachers and educators can create a high-quality course using their Apple iPhone or iPad.

Alternate To Website Methods

It is not compulsory to use Ink Browser only on different websites’ URLs. Instead, you may use the browser to work on lined paper, blank whiteboard, or graph paper as alternate drawing methods. People already familiar with interactive whiteboarding tools like Smartboard Notebook will find Ink Browser highly effective and much more beneficial than most competing tools.

Top Features of the Ink Browser

There are numerous features built-in to the Ink Browser. Some notable ones amongst them are as follows:

Ease of Use: Right From Your iPad

Why is Ink Browser Important?

Ink Browser solves a huge issue faced by many people offering online courses: writing over the website’s content and recording their course lectures from their iPads. It is effective for teaching lessons, presentations development, and taking notes for personal reference. Additionally, the built-in features make it more resources for other purposes such as saving the data and making the bookmarks when necessary. People who are already using other note-taking applications will find the interface of Ink Browser much simpler yet resource-rich to use.

Try out the product today and let us know your comments. Above Bits LLC works 24/7 to create useful products that can bring a positive change in people’s lives. For us, providing a solution to the community is the most important direction. As such, all our services are focused on providing viable solutions and making sure users are satisfied.

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