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Our talented and diverse team has years of experience in a wide array of technologies and software.

How Complex are Magento Websites to Develop?

November 01, 2021

Choosing the right CMS for your website development is challenging, primarily because your website’s success depends on this choice. Many developers take time to make their decision after considering various alternatives. We thought it would be helpful to summarize the main technical benefits and drawbacks of using Magento for your website development.

Benefits of Using Magento

The following benefits can be derived by using Magento that reduce the complexity of the website development process.

Why to use Magento
Reasons For Magento Usage
  • Magento is SEO-friendly: You can easily expand your website’s organic traffic if you use Magento. Most search engines prefer listing websites that are based on Magento and giving them higher ranks. You can add custom URLs, sitemap, meta descriptions, and other SEO-specific aspects to your pages as well.
  • Flexibility: One key challenge in website development is the flexibility of your CMS. Magento offers a highly flexible framework where you can develop any online store. With many third-party integrations, the features that can be added to a Magento website are massive.
  • Uniqueness: Many e-stores features that most other CMS platforms do not offer Magento offers. Therefore, you can reduce the complexity of an eCommerce store development by choosing Magento as your store of choice.
  • User Community: Complex website development requires experts who can guide you on how to implement different features and methods. Such a community is available with Magento, where many different experts are present to help you sort things out.
  • Mobile-Friendliness: A major challenge in website development is finding a platform that helps to create a mobile-friendly website. Magento reduces the complexity by offering a solid development framework where the websites are naturally suited to mobile screens.

Problems with Magento Development

Magento Enterprise
Magento Enterprise

Many complexities exist in using the Magento framework as well. Considering these issues is important before you make your final CMS selection.

  • Expensive Modules: Magento requires you to pay! This is huge complexity in website development through Magento.
  • Developers are Scarce: Many website developers prefer other platforms over Magento. As such, you may find it difficult to source a website developer for your website. Additionally, the few good website developers left for Magento may charge a very high price for their services. Also, the system requires much work before you can finally get a working website, increasing the developer costs.
  • Time-consumption: Magento websites take a lot of time to build Additionally, it is a challenge to improve the website load speed if built using the Magento platform. If the load speed remains slow, the chances are that your customers may shift to substitute websites.
  • Hosting Issues: Another complexity is the choice of a hosting provider. You need to host the website somewhere as it is not cloud hosted by Magento itself. Such a requirement can increase the costs of developing and running your website.

Magento is a great platform if you get the right developers for it. Contact Above Bits LLC today and let our team solve the issue for you!

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