Comparison of Shopify and BigCommerce

April 11, 2021

For the last few years, one common debate in E-commerce development has been between Shopify and BigCommerce: which platform is better? After developing many websites over the years, we have summarized the main differences between both platforms, leaving you to decide the better one.


The BigCommerce package starts at 29.95 USD per month and goes as high as 299.95 for the Pro package. For larger firms that have specialized needs, you may have to get a custom pricing offer instead.  However, you may avail of discounts on these packages as part of different offers that arrive from time to time. On the other hand, the lite package of Shopify comes at a mere 9 USD per month. The Advanced package is comparable to BigCommerce, costing 299 USD per month. However, for the Plus package, you need to discuss your requirements to get a specified quote.

BigCommerce and Shopify

The Basic Plan Comparison

BigCommerce Standard plan offers you professional functionality for report generation and a complete system to get reviews and ratings for your products. Similarly, currency conversion can be automatic, and you get shipping quotes from the carriers in real-time. On the other hand, you get a free app for some of the same features on Shopify. For example, you can easily install the product reviews and rating systems on Shopify through this free application.

Transactional Fee

You don’t need to pay anything for any transaction on BigCommerce. However, Shopify has different fees that are embedded in its payment gateway system. Due to this payment gateway, you end up paying a small part of your earnings to Shopify on each transaction anyway.

Credit Card Fee Requirements

With Shopify Payments, US users may have to pay between 2.4 to 2.9 percent of the transaction’s amount as their credit card fee. This amount can change based on their plan, selling location, and other aspects of their purchase. On the other hand, the credit card processing on BigCommerce is through Braintree, which helps use PayPal. Here, the fee can be lower, reaching a maximum of 2.59 percent in most cases.

Shopify VS BigCommerce


Shopify has ten free templates offered, whereas Big Commerce offers 12. However, BigCommerce themes are not very different from each other about their design ideas. Most of them are just color variations of each other. On the other hand, Shopify is more related to the difference in theme designs, giving more variety to the website developer than BigCommerce. You can get 165 different paid templates in BigCommerce, while the number for Shopify remains at around 70. Additionally, the prices of Shopify paid templates can be higher than BigCommerce.


Customizing Shopify is easier using the Liquid language that can allow you to use HTML and CSS. On the other hand, Big Commerce makes it easier to try using drag-and-drop features for your store development instead.

Bottom Lime

Both platforms are competing for the neck to neck, gaining many benefits over each other. Let us know your preferred one today and get your website development project started.

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