Above Bits LLC at Infocomm 2018

June 06, 2018

Above Bits LLC always remains at the forefront of any opportunity to market our products and services to viable and potential customers. One such opportunity surfaced earlier this year at the Infocomm2018 event. Here, all the giants and mega-minds of the technology sector were gathered under a single roof. The current article will focus on how Above Bits LLC made the most out of the opportunity:

A Wide View of Booths at Infocomm 2018

About Infocomm 2018

The prestigious Infocomm 2018 event was held in Las Vegas on the 8th of June, 2018. The TIDE conference at the start of the show set new records, with a concluding trade show with 43,000 registered attendees. This number represents a 10 percent increase than the last Las Vegas Infocomm event held in 2016.

Overall, tech giants from 50 US states and 108 other countries worldwide attended the event to showcase their products and services to prospective buyers. A total of 965 exhibitors covered an area of 550,000 net square feet. Additionally, 94% of the space got rebooked immediately for the following year’s Infocomm as well.

Overall, the event has been the most significant technology exhibition in North America. It happens with a collaboration between the primary producer AVIXA and its numerous partners throughout the world.

A Typical Booth at Infocomm 2018

Above Bits LLC at Infocomm 2018

Being an emerging website development company, Above Bits LLC did not take any chance of missing this massive opportunity. Three of our core team members booked an apartment in advance for the event near the venue.

We went around from booth to booth at the event to market our website development services to technology giants. Our team collaborated with the exhibitors and provided in-depth information about how their websites could be improved. Most of the exhibitors appreciated our services and our deep insight into dynamic website development.

Such networking allowed us to create essential industry contacts and gain numerous services clients as well. However, one thing that surprised our representatives was how little attention some tech giants paid to their websites. Many big names in the technology industry had basic websites with minimal functionality. What stunned us even further was how little most of them knew about how dynamically and extensively their websites could be improved. There is surely a huge market gap in this area which Above Bits LLC determines to fill through its exceptional services.

Infocomm 2018 – Above Bits

Why Attending Infocomm 2018 was Important?

Events like Infocomm 2018 and JCK Las Vegas 2018 provide our team with considerable insights into expanding our services. For example, Infocomm 2018 helped us figure out a huge market gap that we can fill profitably. Similarly, networking at these events gets us into contact with many valuable firms. They usually become repeat clients, ordering many services.

Through such experiences, we learn how to improve our services as well. We can be more prepared to meet any challenge and embrace any opportunity by knowing what’s out there.

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