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Website Development Company North Carolina

Web Development

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Our world-class design and development services have been tried and tested by clients all over the globe. Each client loves the way we work. As such, our reputation as the best Charlotte web design agency proceeds us at all forums and platforms today.

Website Development Company North Carolina


We partner with businesses of all sizes to create customer friendly interfaces and vibrant e-commerce platforms. Each platform has strengths and shortcomings. By partnering with a web development agency, we take the guesswork out of the equation. Let us guide you to the e-commerce solution that best fits the needs of your business.

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As a web development agency, we understand that users expect the same straightforward experience as they do with private sector website design. With each government website we create, the design must incorporate easy to use navigation with search capability, prominently feature top services, and offer personalized experiences based on the user’s location.

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As a website design agency with over 15 years of experience, fitness is our strength. We have successfully navigated and championed the complex health industry on a global scale. Our website developers are extremely responsive to all project requests.

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We empower schools with unique applications to support the classroom experience. We create websites with enhanced functionality, so teachers can teach and students can focus on learning.

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At Above Bits, we do more than creating websites with stunning designs and outstanding functionality. We have created hundreds of unique plugins and applications over the years. Web development is in our company DNA. We are committed to adapting to the ever changing digital world.

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We support nonprofits by creating websites that attract more support, increase visibility and shape a more responsive donor base. The web is a compelling tool for nonprofits to fulfill their core mission and communicate their cause with greater effect.

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No Limits

Our skills are not limited to a few industries. Instead, we can cater to the website design and development of Charlotte, NC, clients from any industry. Our team can consider your requirements and provide you with a formal quote for free on the budget required to bring your dream to fruition. Our portfolio spans many different sectors, in each of which we have created successful, growing, and leading websites and applications. Now is the right time to contact our team and discuss your requirements. Let the best web designers in Charlotte, NC handle your product’s development.

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Web Development Company Charlotte
Web Development Company Charlotte
Web Design Agency Charlotte
Web Design Agency Charlotte
Charlotte Web Design Company
Charlotte Web Design Company
Charlotte Web Design Company
Website Development Company North Carolina
  • Web Development Agencies Charlotte Nc
  • Web Development Agencies Charlotte Nc
  • Web Design Company Charlotte
  • Web Design Company Charlotte
  • Web Development Company Charlotte

Web Design and Website Development
Technologies & Tools We Use

Our talented and diverse team has years of experience in a wide array of technologies and software.


Flexibility, accessibility and efficiency are the focus of our front-end designs.

React.js, Vue.js, Javascript, TypeScript, CSS 3, HTML 5, SCSS, Less, Bootstrap 5, Flex

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Powerful, secure and scalable infrastructure, managing access and backups on the server-side.

Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Cloud VPS, On Premises, DigitalOcean, Linode

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Efficient and effective database design and management.

PostgreSQL, MySQL, ElasticSearch, Redis, SQLite, MS SQL, FireDB

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Speeding up both front-end and back-end working with cutting-edge frameworks.

Django, Angular, CodeIgniter, jQuery, Laravel, Yii, FatFree, Zend

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We implement battle-tested tools to support your app’s performance.

Python, Node.js, PHP, SQL

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We typically work with:

WordPress, Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Joomla, Drupal, Yii, Laravel

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Charlotte Web Design Company

Empowering Our Clients Through
Innovative, Creative, and ROI-Driven Solutions

When selecting the best Charlotte web design agency, it is important to determine whether the web designers Charlotte working at the agency are capable, skilled, reliable, and have the necessary experience to complete difficult and complex projects. We take pride in accomplishing most of the complex tasks to 100% of the client’s satisfaction. Since 2006, our website agency has been recognized as one of the best web design and development companies in Charlotte, NC. What sets us apart from the rest is our focus on building a long-term relationship with clients for our website design and development services, meeting all their requirements, and always being available for any after-sale service or help requirement.

E-commerce -

Your Way

Over 700 agencies and businesses have chosen Above Bits as their preferred website design company to streamline and modernize their digital presence, create mobile applications, implement e-commerce services and manage their communication strategies. We are well-versed in all major e-commerce platforms such as Magento , WooCommerce for WordPress and Shopify.

All our eCommerce design and development services use clean coding to ensure the maximum performance potential of the website. Plus, irrespective of the products you host on the site, you will not face any breakage, crashes, or performance problems. Such an eCommerce site can pave your way to global success. Don’t miss the opportunity; contact our team today to get your online store set up in no time.

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Design Agency Charlotte Nc
Design Agency Charlotte Nc

Our Process

We believe in communication and continuity. Our website design agency believes in steadfast attention to crucial details ensures that clients are supported, and they receive the results they need and expect, on time.

As a website design and development Charlotte agency that believes in transparency, we never shy off from offering our clients a sneak peek into our service process. For most projects, we approach them in the following manner:

  • After discussing your initial task, we initiate our services by sitting down with the clients for a detailed requirement plan of their website, mobile application, or related service. Everything, from the design to the final features, is discussed to determine the right strategy to move ahead.
  • Our web designers Charlotte NC come up with a concrete plan to provide you with unique, innovative, and result-oriented services.
  • A working prototype of the final website/ digital service is developed and shared with the client for their feedback. Factoring this feedback to refine our final product is crucial to offering the best services.
  • Unlike other web design companies in Charlotte, NC, we ensure complete after-sale services for all our clients. In case your face any issues need some help or updates with the websites we have created, reach out to us at any time for professional support.

Through our superior process as the prime web design agency Charlotte, NC, we have gained a growing clientele over the years, spanning customers from all walks of life. Our process is suited to ensure your satisfaction under any circumstances.

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Why Choose Us
The Premier Web Designer in Charlotte, North Carolina

We are passionate, professional, helpful and super-friendly people!

Charlotte Web Development Agency

We listen!

Communication is the key to the success of your project. Our web design agency focuses on your needs. We take the time to understand all of the nuances of your project to ensure your vision becomes reality.

Web App Development Charlotte

We keep our promises

We believe in clear, direct communication and full transparency. We keep our commitments to you and can't rest until we achieve your desired results.

Web App Development Charlotte

Honesty & Integrity

Our focus is on quality and results. If complications creep in as they sometimes do, we communicate, clarify and resolve with you as a partner.

We are highly affordable

If you are a small business looking for the right website and application development services per your budget, don’t miss out on contacting Above Bits! We understand that budgetary and financial constraints can provide a huge obstacle in a firm’s progression to embracing the digital world. We ensure affordable services that can help businesses of all scales grow online easily.

Best Team of Web Designers in Charlotte

We currently take pride in our team of professional and skilled web developers who can perform any website design and development service at the highest quality output. Our Charlotte NC design agency is known for its tenacity and consistency in bringing difficult and complex website projects to fruition.
However, it wouldn’t have been possible without the skilled team we hire for our services.

Case Studies - The Website Design Agency
Which Creates Everything

We have partnered with hundreds of US and international agencies, local government bodies and leaders in addressing specific civic communication challenges with our advanced digital solutions.

Our commitment to excellence, consistency and attention to detail are what sets us apart from other web development services. We are proud to service US agencies across a range of sectors, from public utility services to disaster management.

Zymbl Pharma

For years we have supported the web design of Zymbl PHARMA, who has developed the best Rakau Rongoa infused product on the market.

Website Development Company North Carolina
Website Development Company North Carolina

The Suit Depot

A weekly flagship magazine that delivers timely analysis of world events, powerful profiles, and entertaining journeys through the wide spectrum of contemporary Jewish experience. We assisted with the complete site redesign and data integration from the previous design.

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Clients Trust Us With Their
Professional Digital Presence

We strive to deliver exceptional customer service and next-gen user experiences in every digital solution we create. We’ve helped a number of agencies and businesses translate their ideas into reality. Hear what our satisfied clients have to say about us!

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Looking for an attractive, optimized website or application? Partner with Charlotte’s premier web design agency! Simply tell us your requirements to get customized development services to suit your needs! Our website design agency is located in Charlotte, NC with additional locations throughout the US.

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